Oadby & Wigston

Oadby and Wigston Scout and Guide Band formed in 1973 as an activity at the 28th Leicester (Wigston) Scout Group. As with most Scout and Guide bands, it started life as a bugle and drum band, before gradually changing to the chromatic instrumentation you see tonight. Guides were admitted to the band in 1985 and further changes came in the 1990’s when it became the district band of South East Leicestershire.

Over the years, the band has participated in many parades and galas, both locally and further afield. It has also taken part in competitions under the auspices of the Traditional Youth Marching Band Association (TYMBA), reaching a peak in 1998 when the band reached Championship Class standard.
Although based in South East Leicestershire, membership of the band is open to anyone within the Scout and Guide Associations in Leicestershire. New members are always welcome. Beginners are accepted; no knowledge of music is necessary to join.

For further information please contact Trevor Vann, Bandmaster.
Tel: (0116) 288 0725

Visit the Bands website – http://www.owsgb.org.uk



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County Scout Band Advisor, Richard Warrington

0116 235 3812


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